Badminton Champions

This week, the GIP 2010 Fall Badminton Championships ended with teams playing out the semifinals and finals for 1st and 3rd rank. The mixed doubles tournament was organised by Jaeyoung Park, a Korean second semester student at GIP, the Graduate Institute of Peace Studies. It ran for two weeks during which teams played out the round of sixteen and quarter finals, and culminated yesterday with a final match day. Jaeyoung had me team up with Joa E, another second semester student from Korea, and it turned out to be a very lucky draw as Joa is both a good player and a very nice partner to play with. On our way to the semis, we won our first two rounds without dropping a set, and in one of the matches we accomplished the rare feat to win 15-0 on one service only. The semifinal turned out to be the biggest test, both because it was a close match (2-1) and because of my difficulty to ignore some cultural differences in sportsmanship. Lately, I’ve been thinking more frequently about that and I think I might read more about it once I got my thesis out of the way. I very much concur with the view by Clifford, Feezell & Feezell who state that “competitiveness, properly understood, not only does not conflict with sportsmanship – it requires it”. Either way, Joa and I entered the final and played a very nice match with an Indonesian/Korean mixed team, at the end of which we managed to claim the title with another 2-0 victory, a result that didn’t do justice to the quality of our opponents. Thank you, Joa, for playing such a nice tournament together, thank you, Jaeyoung, for organising this great tournament, and thanks also to Seonxin Shin, who took the photo in this post.

Badminton Tournament at GIP


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