This morning, unfortunately right after my dad had left for a trip to southern Germany, I received some of the best mail I have ever gotten: two printed and bound copies of my master’s thesis! Now I just have to wait until I will receive the official degree certificate from my university in South Korea and then my academic journey will finally come to an end – ten years after I sat the IELTS exam to start studying at SOAS.

My thesis is titled Transnationalising a Thai Grassroots NGO: A Comprehensive Approach to Human Trafficking Prevention and consists of two parts. The first part assesses the current state of anti-trafficking measures and finds that a significant number of civil society groups engaged in the global anti-trafficking agenda are headed in the wrong direction, thus underserving the majority of trafficking victims. The second part investigates social network and human development theories and concludes that partnerships between the grassroots and policy-making level are crucial in order to successfully reduce or eliminate human trafficking. The second part also includes my own variant of a renowned social network theory and presents the Asian Youth Union (AYU) as a case study. The AYU is a youth leader network in the making, under the initiative of DEPDC/GMS, the NGO that I am working for.

B.A.tthias in London (2006) & M.A.tthias in Jinjeop-eup (2010)

I am grateful to a great many people who have helped me along the way – and you might just find your name in my acknowledgements – but today I just want to thank my friends Hyosun and Huseyn (aka Hyoseyn) who have submitted my thesis to the library at Kyung Hee University and sent me two copies to Berlin so that I could give one to my dad and put one under my pillow.

I have to admit that I still haven’t read the thesis that a dear friend has given me a copy of years ago and I don’t expect any of you to really want to read mine. But if you are in fact interested, please let me know and I shall send you a pdf copy.


7 thoughts on “M.A.tthias

  1. You may be interested in a perspective critical of the trafficking framework in South Korea. See Sealing Cheng’s book: On the Move for Love.
    K.K. (United States)

    1. This is my personal blog and I was simply glad to share with my friends and colleagues that I had successfully completed my degree. In my view, completing any degree or training is rewarding not only due to the knowledge and insight one gains, but also for the experience of going through a challenge. At no point did I suggest that receiving a graduate degree puts me somehow above anyone else, so where you got the idea that I was boasting shall remain your litte secret.

      You are certainly entitled to your opinion, but you are not entitled to decide which websites I choose to frequent or where I choose to engage in discussions with others. And by the way, which aspect of feminism are you talking about? I prefer the not so fluffy one.

      Feminist Ire – Not your fluffy Feminism
      “UNAIDS Advisory Group condemns Swedish sex purchase ban”

      If you prefer the style of communication that your comment displays, let’s just leave each other alone. It’s so simple.

      ps. As for my own patriarchal nonsense, you might wanna talk to the (mostly) women and girls I worked for in northern Thailand. Unlike you, they actually know both me and my work. You, however, cannot even use your real name here…

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