NeonRights #2 人權亮點

Matt Lemon Photography

NeonRights #2 - Matt Lemon Photography - All Rights Reserved

Neon light. Berlin-Mitte, Germany. See below for the meaning of the Chinese characters. All rights reserved. No use without prior permission.

Female Voices about the #UmbrellaMovement

Maybe it’s that I didn’t search enough, but where English language sources are concerned, I mostly came across male voices from Hong Kong speaking about the Umbrella Movement. Therefore, I spoke to several female friends in Hong Kong to learn about their views about the current situation there. With one exception, the quotes below are kept anonymous, in accordance with their wishes, and the very first one combines statements from two of them into one paragraph.

(1) Movement vs Revolution

The talk here is against calling it a revolution. It’s a movement. It’s about electoral reforms, not about overthrowing the government. Whereas ‘movement’ has a more neutral ring to it, ‘revolution’ is a term with specific meanings in Chinese history.”

(2) Freedom…

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