Cloudspeaker Vol. XIX. Shortspeaker.

Cloudspeaker Vol. XIX. Cover

The return of the mixtape.

No elaborate mixing apart from smooth changes from one track to the next.

Cloudspeaker Vol. XIX was recorded as the days and my time in Belfast got shorter and shorter. It’s the soundtrack to days mostly spend in solitude. With a second shorter than 34 minutes, this volume is the shortest of all Cloudspeakers. It includes music from England, France, Germany, and the United States (in alphabetical order).

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Track List

The Avener – Fade Out Lines; Rhonda – Camera; De-Phazz – When No Words Come; Sébastien Tellier – Ma Calypso; Macy Gray – I Miss The Sex; Kishi Bashi – The Ballad of Mr. Steak; OK Go – I Won’t Let You Down; Kitty, Daisy & Lewis – Baby Bye Bye; Bonus Track: Kishi Bashi – Q&A


“I Won’t Let You Down” is dedicated to Laura Lee and the brave sex workers and allies who staged Northern Ireland’s first-ever sex worker protest in front of the Stormont Parliament building in late October. If you watch the excellent video by OK Go, you’ll see why I picked this song. (Thanks to The Gab for bringing it to my attention.) “When No Words Come” is for Ivanka for lending me your ear. I won’t give it back. “The Ballad of Mr. Steak” is for Ben. It’s always a pleasure to devour you on the badminton court. And last but not least, “Baby Bye Bye” is for all those I had the pleasure to meet during these past months in Belfast. A special thanks to Gillian for our trip to (London) Derry, Alyssa for some great times that were over all too soon, and to Hannah and Aidan for their excellent Halloween Party, which happened to be my first one ever. Ahoy!

Total time 33.59. Created on November 15th, 2014, at my home office in East Belfast.

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About Cloudspeaker

Inspired by a friend I compiled a list of my top ten tracks of the last decade – which took me longer than I expected. I picked tracks of ten musicians or bands that impressed me over the last ten years and eventually had to add a bonus track to fit it all in. The result was Cloudspeaker Vol. 1. The title ‘Cloudspeaker’ and the artwork are used by courtesy of German product designer Johannes Tsopanides (Shapes In Play).



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