To pray or not to pray for Paris


Both the left and right image appeared in my Facebook news feed this morning. I didn’t share either of them. Not the left one, simply because I am not religious. And not the right one, either, because, while I suppose I get the sentiment it’s coming from, I don’t understand the point of sending a message that people should not pray.

If religious people wish to express their sympathy and solidarity with prayer, I don’t believe it’s anyone’s place to tell them not to, whatever reasonable beef they generally have with religions and how they impede their freedoms.

And even if prayer was all they did, the question is how that’s any different from anyone else who doesn’t do anything besides expressing their sympathy and solidarity in one way or another.

Finally, and that goes for many comments I’ve seen on social media since last night: whatever happened to decency and respect? Regardless of whatever very valid arguments one may have and which are worth being discussed, how about being compassionate first, eager to debate second, and insensitive – never?

— Matthias, who is not religious and dislikes fundamentalist extremists of any kind


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