Cloudspeaker Vol. XX. Dayspeaker.

Cloudspeaker Vol. XX. Dayspeaker.

The return of the mixtape.

No elaborate mixing apart from smooth changes from one track to the next.

Cloudspeaker Vol. XX is titled ‘Dayspeaker’ because all tracks contain the word ‘Day’ in the title. As the last days of 2015 go by, I put together this mix during a day spent on a bus taking me from Vienna to Berlin, via Prague and Dresden. As the fog outside got thicker and thicker, I looked back over a very unusual year, spent in South Korea, Germany, the Netherlands and Austria. Especially the days spent with SOMEONE in Korea surely were ‘Dancing Days’, as were those spent with my friends in Amsterdam and Vienna. Some others, I’d rather forget, and for next year, I’ll keep thinking of the lyrics of R.E.M.’s song: “Every day is new again, Every day is yours to win”. This volume includes music from Canada, Malaysia and (mostly) from the United States.

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Track List

Kurt Vile – Wakin on a Pretty Day; Joshua Radin – One Of Those Days; Greg Laswell – Days Go On; Elliott Smith – Independence Day; Zee Avi – 31 Days; Emilie Mover – Ordinary Day; R.E.M. – Every Day Is Yours To Win; Meshell Ndegeocello – Good Day Bad; Stone Temple Pilots – Dancing Days; John Lurie – Strangers in the Day


The entire volume is dedicated to my amazing friends, who looked out for me during this unusual year. I love you, and I won’t forget what you’ve done for me. Track 9 is dedicated to Mary Weiland, ex-wife of the late Stone Temple Pilots singer Scott Weiland, for whom I have the greatest respect for publishing this brave letter after the death of the father of her children.

Total time 39.01. Created on December 17, 2015, on a bus from Vienna to Berlin.

About Cloudspeaker

Inspired by a friend I compiled a list of my top ten tracks of the last decade – which took me longer than I expected. I picked tracks of ten musicians or bands that impressed me over the last ten years and eventually had to add a bonus track to fit it all in. The result was Cloudspeaker Vol. 1. The title ‘Cloudspeaker’ and the artwork are used by courtesy of German product designer Johannes Tsopanides (Shapes In Play).


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